some Of you may know the person next to me in this picture if not let me go inform you! This is my beautiful, amazing, inspirational best friend Brionna Kiser. I met this wonderful lady the very first week in college she lived one floor down! We spent years going through stressful school classes and complaining about class work that other majors never could understand. We bonded over crying about test studying while our other friends partied it up! She helped me overcome challenges in school and I hope to inspire her to continue her fight with Lupus. I remember the day she told me this life changing news she was million miles away and not knowing much about the disease I googled it...worst idea ever. 10 minutes in I was looking to buy tickets to Nicaragua! Luckily she was being sent home to the states shortly after, I remember the six hour drive to her trying to keep it together and figure what to say or do! Lupus is such a complicated disease when I saw her she look okay, I convinced myself nothing was wrong she’s fine look at her! Unfortunately lupus doesn’t think that way so May 5th I’ll be walking a 4K in Harrisburg along side her and all the amazing people who support her. I’m asking if you can’t join the walk if you could donate I’d greatly appreciate it. This funding could mean a longer and happier  life for my friend but it also means helping so many others as well! If you could just donate a few dollars I would be forever great full. Thank you! ~Alexis


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