Debra Jepson

Team Captain Team Discovery 26th Annual Lupus Loop

Support Me

Yes, I hurt.  Yes, I’m tired.  I will be exhausted after the walk, but…

I walk because I can.

I’ve had lupus for over 20 years. It has disrupted my life, caused pain and physical damage to my body and changed me. For all the things I’ve lost – freedom, mobility, energy, opportunities – I have gained a family in this community, a family that is passionate about helping those living with lupus and bringing an end to this disease.

I walk for my family and friends.

They have walked through this journey with me and because of chronic illness, I have given less of myself than I would like. They have seen me on days when I have great pain and little energy. They have missed me when I couldn’t participate in everyday activities. They have loved and supported me.

I walk for others affected by lupus.

We are in this together. You already know that lupus is difficult to diagnose and a challenge to live with.  We support each other and united, we have a loud voice to bring awareness to this unpredictable disease.
Please join us to solve the cruel mystery of lupus.


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