See you next year at the 27th Annual Lupus Loop! 

October 28th at Memorial Hall Loop in Philadelphia  

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Thanks to all who joined us and/or supported the 26th Annual Lupus Loop! To date, we are 62% of the way to our goal. It's not too late to join the effort! If the weather kept you from joining us on event day, you can still get your Lupus Loop event tee by making a donation. Remember: fundraising incentives and awards can be earned through November 26th, so keep those efforts going. Every dollar raised improves the lives of those impacted by lupus and is critical to advancing the lupus Movement. Learn more on our FAQ page. Click here to take a survey about the future of the Lupus Loop. Click here to see race results.

Your fundraising efforts help build a strong and caring community for those living with lupus in the Tristate area, and across the country:   

The Lupus Foundation is the only national force devoted to solving the mystery of lupus - one of the world's cruelest, most unpredictable, and devasting diseases - while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutual impact.  

The money raised at this event accounts for 70% of our annual revenue, used to provide services, outreach efforts, and research programs to the 48,000 people affected by lupus in the Phildelphia Tristate area.  Your fundraising has a direct impact on the lives of those with lupus and the lives of their loved ones, right in your own backyard.  Don't live in the Phillly area?  You can still make a difference by signing up as a virtual participant, or simply by making a donation. 

Join with us to show these brave women and men that they are not alone and that together we will solve the cruel mystery of lupus. 

Together we have raised: 



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